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  1. Zodiac Divisions as per KP Astrology
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  3. Why Scorpios Are Having An Astrological Identity Crisis

Her practice focuses on her mediumship abilities and helping others. He also has a couple of videos where he attempts to bring a psychological perspective to Vedic Astrology. You can find a wealth of online courses on his blog which in all honesty are a bit pricey.

She explores topics such as cosmetic astrology, tantra, and the Divine Feminine. She likes to post videos on zodiac sign fashion and female spiritual paths. He discusses current transits and horoscopes in his Youtube videos, which cover anything from daily horoscopes to tutorials.

Zodiac Divisions as per KP Astrology

He is a bit monotone and the 13 Sign system is a bit of a throw off, but he does have some insight that makes his content worth watching anyway. View all posts by madisonlouise Really interesting blog post about astrology. Thanks for sharing with us. Online Astrologer in Delhi. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. By madisonlouise in resources , top 10 on December 7, December 7, In no particular order, here we go…. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Tags: astrologers , astrology , list , resources , sidereal , sidereal astrology , top Published by madisonlouise Next post Venus Signs. Online Astrologer in Delhi Like Like.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Featured posts. The prasna chart of this time was cast. Hora lord mercury is debilitated in 9th in aspect of rahu from lagna. Mercury in next sign opposed by mars hinting about some objection in approval of loan which native confirmed.

He may also get PR status already applied for, in the Ist half of July19, when sun reaches in gemini 12th house aspected by rahu with mercury effect,close to natal sun position. Please share it to your all groups for the benefit of all followers of all systems of astrology and enlighten their knowledge with the genuine and genius system of astrology i. Try to understand the basics of astrology i. In birth time rectification, the difference between the reported time a So called Birth time rectification specialists with their own principles which have no practical value who fetches the time of birth from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

I feel very sad towords these type of cases of birth time rectifications. Remember one thing when you are making birth time rectification that Chandra prana lord is the minute division of the longitude of Chandra i. And so 1. Chandra prana lord at the time of birth should be the lagna prana lord at the time of birth. Do not indulge in the practice only to check the chandra star lord at the time of birth and accordingly doing the rectification of birth time.

Your Sign and the Transit

You will come to know that is totally wrong and against the practical utility. As far as DNA testing, here you have not to take the moon star f your parents, coborns but you have to calculate the current DBASP lords of parents and elder coborns and that prana lords at the time of birth of thejataka will be the prana lords of 9, 4, 11th cusp without fail. For match making, 1.

Stars in astrology - Wikipedia

As per the above principle you prepare your time of birth corrected upto prana level then see the 7th cuspal prana lord, note down on a chit of paper. That female, male is borne to be married with the jataka. Dasa, Bhukti, Antara, Sukshmadasa, Pranadasa as per vimshotari dasa padhati is the imaginary calculation of transit of moon in degrees in years. In dasa system there is no use f sign lords and so sign lords is kept aside as sign lords will not offer the results of their signs. In dasa system, period of dasa lord is so large and thatswhy dasa period has been divided into Bhukti.

Bhukti period has been divided into Antara period. Antara period has been divided into Sukshmadasa period. So, Dasa, Bhukti, Antara, Sukshmadasa, Pranadasa lords of the cusp will all time significators of that cusp. Remember this forever. Bhukti is stronger than Dasa. Antara is stronger than Bhukti c. Sukshma dasa is stronger than Antara d. Pranadasa lord is stroner than sukshmadasa. Now see Venus as the planet. Venus shows the source as lagna bhava and 11th bhava. Venus is in the pranadasa of Jupiter and Jupiter is the prana lord 2 and 6th bhava.

Awake friends from the darkness of knowledge and open your eyes to the bright light of sun takes you to the world of lights.

I have now decided not to share my posts to groups except a few, so if you read this post and all my posts in future then if you like it then you share it to your time life for your future reference and also the groups for the benefit of all students of astrology who are not in my contacts. If you wish to take a study tour for better understanding the principles of divine unique sukshmadasa astrology you may call upon to me for organizing 1 day seminar at your place at a considerable fees only. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Sign Up. Join Group settings More. Vijayanand Patil shared a post. They are not using Antara also. Moumita Halder shared a post. September 25 at AM. Ketu in 6th house Ketu in 6th house :- Ketu represents - south node of the moon has only headless body, so he can't see right direction, right path, always bit confused because Arvind Kishore Pandey shared a post. Send Message. See More. September 24 at PM. When you master it there is nothing outside your predictions.

In this chart, Lagna and 11th bhava prana lord is Venus.

Why Scorpios Are Having An Astrological Identity Crisis

Accordingly on Is it right to think so and according to predict? Thanks and blessed,.

Learn Vedic Astrology Today: New Classes Beginning 2019! - KP Astrology - English

Ram Krishan Goel shared a post. September 23 at PM. September 22 at PM.